let's get together



Our goal is social engagement, to create community through gatherings, meals, and events. An invitation to come and be present in this busy time we all live in. To learn to be with each other, to shut down, and shut off the distractions around us that prevent us from connecting with one another. 

Our aim is to create space for life to happen. To learn what it means to be human again. To slow down and actually have a conversation with someone. To shut off, shut down our worries, our burdens, and our busyness. A chance to connect with our friends, neighbors, and communities.

We do this through our seasonal dinners on a larger scale, also through our outings and smaller get-togethers.

By these, we want to help awaken the longings in us. These longings that are an enemy to loneliness, selfishness, and individualism.

Longings that may be lying dormant, just waiting for a chance to be awakened through a dinner with people you have never met. To look into another human’s eyes and genuinely care and find out about their story. By doing so we get a chance to share our story. 

Because of these encounters, these moments we’ve created space for, we are all better, and it should spur/inspire/motivate us on to continue to all be Community

Architects, bringing together people for the sake of being present with one another. We want the things that will matter to us most on our death bed to matter most to us now. To awaken our need for one another.

Homestead strives to be the catalyst for this. We want to get really good at getting people together, inspiring us all to create space for life to happen. The simple, the mundane everyday moments that seem to be passing us by. We’ll have wished for more of them.

We really feel that this video helps convey what we’re about.